For the 8th Aging & cognition EUCAS conference 2025, the local organising committee is from University of Pavia. You can contact the local organizing committee at

Scientific committee EUCAS

Dr. Guido Band


Prof. Louise Phillips


Prof. Pilar Andres

Prof. Elena Cavallini

Dr. Stephan Getzmann

Prof. Gizem Hülür

Prof. Monicque Lorist

Dr. Ludmila Zajac-Lamparska

Local organizing committee

Prof. Elena Cavallini

Prof. Serena Lecce

Prof. Sara Bottiroli

Dr. Paola Previtali

Francesco Nigito

Dr. Martina Cangelosi

Dr. Anne-Lise Florkin

Federico Curzel

Serena Stagnitto

Lara Fracassi

Giulia Arenare

Naomi Baraldo